HomePlug Powerline Ethernet Adapters
From Simpler Networks
If you are looking for information about iPlayer, please follow the links below.

BBC iplayer                                                  ITV Player                                                Freesat

Simpler Networks gives you the choice of either a standard wallmount
HomePlug AV adapter

or an adapter that incorporates a plug socket (known as either a plug/push/pass through or even a piggy back style) which gives the advantage that you do not 'lose' the use of the plug socket once the adapter has been plugged in, very handy for homes that have a limited number of power points, the

HomePlug AV 'Pass-Through' adapter.

Our HomePlug AV Powerline Ethernet adapters are suitable for the anywhere that use the BS1363 compliant 3 pin plug.

Our adapters are cool running and the Pass through, unlike the majority of our competitors, has its Ethernet port located on the 'TOP' of the adapter, another advantage when in a lot of cases electrical sockets are located very close to the floor and the cables need to be 'bent' in order to be connected.  Bending Ethernet cables at 90 degrees is not recommended.

With Simpler Networks HomePlug AV Adapters you can :-

Connect to IPTV services such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Player
Connect your Xbox to play games online
Connect your Playstation to play games online
Enable head-to-head gaming between two consoles in the house
Connect all your home computers to the internet, through just 1 router.

Simpler Networks make Networks Simpler

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